Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Frosting tips

As I searched to find the right pastry bag and frosting tips (also called pastry tubes and potentially not called frosting tips, it's just what I call them) to frost cupcakes a couple of months ago, I could not find a good source of information that told which tip would give which results. The way I ended up with the two different tips I have was by getting one from a baker and one from somebody who works at a cake decorating store. If you don't have the luxury of talking to people in those positions, this will probably help.

Okay the first tip I got was an Ateco 829 (right side of the top image), and the result was:

It was surprisingly easy to use. I thought I'd need lots of practice before I attempt to decorate cupcakes for my wedding, but the first cupcake turned out perfectly. It's foolproof.

I also have a similar tip, a Wilton 1M (left side of the top image, that is just a bit smaller. Using it makes:

I think I like the Ateco one better, but they're so similar I'm not sure I care too much. Both make cupcakes look impressive despite taking little effort to use. I definitely recommend buying some (but be prepared to make about double the frosting you normally would because they make a very thick layer are artery-clogging goodness on your cupcakes).

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