Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 4 best days of the year

As a person who a) loves all thing sweet, and b) has very little money, I highly anticipate the day after a holiday. There's nothing like getting candy at a fraction of its original price to bake with (or, in my case, to eat within 6 minutes and never have the chance to bake with).

Yesterday morning, I made a beeline for CVS with a specific mission in mind: find Mini Eggs. I've been eating them nonstop for the past month (just ask the guys at the mini mart down the street), and I was just waiting for the day after Easter so I could stock up.

This day was preceded by much anxiety. I knew that I could get as many Mini Eggs as I wanted leading up to Easter, but at full price. Did I want to risk missing out on several more pounds of unique chocolate coated in that thiiin thin candy coating just for a discount? Yes. And I got some. But they're gone now. Sick, huh?

Unfortunately, there's a long dry spell between now and the next candy-endorsed holiday: Halloween. Then begins the golden period of holiday candy as Halloween is followed by Christmas and the lame-if-not-for-the-candy Valentine's Day. Until then, I guess I'll have to shell out the cash to feel appropriately sick to my stomach each day.

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