Monday, April 12, 2010

The addiction ends?

I have reached a strange point in my [short-lived, amateur] baking career (and by career I mean hobby because nobody pays me): I enjoy creating baked goods more than eating them. This feeling could simply be a result of having taste-tested the hazelnut frosting for the nutella-filled cupcakes I just made (pictures and post coming soon...) a few too many times, such that my body is coursing with so much sugar that I cannot crave it.

But really, I think this is a turning point for me. When I used to bake, it was because I wanted something sugary and I was bored so I baked it. Today I baked because I couldn't wait to make these cupcakes for the people I work with. Seriously, I dreamed about them last night. I could think of nothing else, and not because I wanted to eat them, just because I wanted to experiment with them.

Surely the sugar addiction has not ended, but at least it's no longer my first priority to satisfy a craving when I bake. Or maybe there is still a craving, but now I crave the process rather than the result. Hmm.

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