Thursday, April 29, 2010

I wish I were an athlete

I do not wish this because I particularly care about sports and want to be good at them. I wish this because they need to eat MASSIVE amounts of food because of all the energy they use exercising.

I started thinking about this when I was in the dining hall the other day, and I happened to be next to a football player at the cereal counter. I was amazed to see that he took 3 HEAPING bowls of cereal (Lucky Charms, Corn Flakes, and something I can't remember) compared to my measly normal-sized serving of Lucky Charms. I didn't even really want to eat 3 huge bowls of it; I just wanted to want to eat that much. If I had an appetite 3x as big, I would get to enjoy 3x the food. Awesome.

This was not the first time I noticed how much football players eat. Once I saw a guy with one plate holding 7 chicken breasts and another piled with pasta. I was astonished. I thought he must be sharing it with someone, but then decided against it when I saw him sit next to his anorexic-looking girlfriend. All for him.

So the point is, I would like be an athlete because of all the exercising and all the food. Minus the exercising part.

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