Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Looking and tasting good

Before I tackle the fudge tomorrow (or potentially cupcakes instead), I really have to figure out this food photography thing. I've been looking at How To pages and tips for beginner photographers (though I think I'm even at an earlier stage than that), and I'm hoping my food will look a little more appetizing in photos. I could blame my 5-year-old Sony Cybershot, but I don't think even the best camera could save me. Apparently I need to set it to macro and adjust the white balance. Hmm. Whatever that means. If it's not so cloudy tomorrow maybe I'll get some decent natural light.

I think food photography is pretty awesome in that you can focus all of your energy on conveying the sugary/creamy/artery-clogging goodness that is a cupcake (or your dessert of choice), but I was disappointed to learn that the food isn't always real (or parts of it aren't). I feel sort of cheated, just like I did when I found out Betty Crocker never existed. Don't show me something that looks so tempting I want to climb into my computer screen to get it and then, come to find out, even the best cook couldn't recreate it because it isn't real. I'll just pretend for now.

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